The Creation of South Asian millionaire’s Club  has been inspired by South Asian culture, with our own twist. Our main focus is to help individuals see what they truly want in a relationship. With our teams expertise, guidance and skills we will successfully match you according to your needs

We are a marriage minded site and we are committed in helping you find that special life partner. Remember you do not have to be a millionaire but you have to feel like one.

South Asian Millionaire’s Club is dedicated to implementing a modern trend in marriage while maintaining our cultural roots. We believe that one should love the person they are planning to marry prior to the day of the wedding; opposed to finding love later in marriage. We cannot predict the future but our goals is to find you a partner you love and feel strongly about when you agree to marriage.

It is common for one to say that “opposites attract“, though we believe that they might attract, they will never last. We base our search off true compatibility & sexual attraction. You hold the answer to the large decisions that arrive through the entire process but in return, with our assistance, we will be able to help you by understanding what you want in finding a life partner.

In other words, you remain in control.

We want to make sure each member is protected and that is why each member must complete a criminal check before any initial match is set.

What makes our site different then other marriage sites? All our members including our staff must undergo a criminal check, to ensure that their experience is safe and secure.


Many people ask me why we do criminal checks. I feel when you apply for any important job, especially concerning the government, children or social interaction in general, it is mandatory to feel safe and secure. I feel that when finding a life partner this requirement is essential.

We believe that if you have nothing to hide, than you will not mind having your criminal check done. This is only for the protection of others who will potentially be interacting with you. Too many times have we heard in the media that members from other dating sites have been attacked. Finding so many sex offenders on other web sites has contributed to our goal for keeping our members safe. We also believe that married people should not be allowed on this web site. That has also contributed to our goal of having criminal checks mandatory.

Who are we to judge you? If your match accepts a small record or an understandable cause of action, we will not stop in furthering your relationship with them. You both hold the decision to meet each other or not, our main priority is to keep you protected.

Want To Become A Matchmaker?

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Concerns or questions?

Contact our support staff to get any questions you may have about The South Asian Millionaires Club answered.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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