Why do relationship fall apart? People ask me this question all the time. Sad to say, but these are my top three reason: The top three reason are: Communication between couples and not having time for each other. When you do not have time for each other, worse thing happens, your partner turns to someone […]

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The Secret to Success

We hear the word success spoken over and over again throughout our lives. Success as a parent, success as an athlete, success in your career, success as a human being in general; these are all areas where we strive daily to become successful. But how do we do it? How is it that successful people […]

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Never to late

 Never expected being divorced for over 15 years and now being in my late 50’s, to have found a life partner. In our indian community it is not easy for a divorced lady to be looking for a life partner, or worse what the society thinks. I run a successful business and I have provided […]

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When it comes to finding the right Life Partner, he or she has to be your Best Friend. Someone who understands you and knows that any relationship is hard work but willing to sacrifice his or her needs. Relationship is about give and take. When each party comes together and realizes nothing matters, besides their love […]

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4 key reasons why it matters to put your spouse before your childrenGary and Joy Lundberg 567,451 views   |   10,372 shares Editor’s Note: Written in response to their highly popular article (read by over 4 million people), 10 ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse – and you don’t even know it.There is […]

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One of the most nerve racking parts of beginning a new relationship is the moment when your girlfriend/boyfriend decides they are going to introduce you to their parents. No matter what age you and your partner are, your relationship with their parents is something that can make or break how long your own relationship will […]

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