One of the most important parts of going on a date, whether it be the 1st date or you have been dating for months, is to actually have a plan for what will be done during the date. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating for a girl than when her date picks her up without any plan for where the day or night will lead them and expects the girl to have a plan in place. Having no plan will usually lead to an extremely boring and awkward date and could also tell the girl quite a bit about your personality (i.e. lack of ability to take charge).

Having no plan for a date is the worst thing you can do, but planning a boring date can be almost just as bad. One of the best ways to knock the socks off a girl is to take her on a date that she won’t forget. Do something that very few other guys would do. Take the risk and if all goes well, you could be in the drivers seat from the get go in this relationship. Here is a look at six date ideas that think a little out of the box in order to create an excitement and lasting impression that will surely help you in the long run:

*Risk/Reward ratings are on a 1-10 scale

#1 – Skydiving – Risk (9.5) Reward (10)

Your definitely going to want to make sure that you inform your date before hand that your plans are to take her skydiving. Realize that in almost all situations her initial reaction is going to be to be scared and say no. However, with a little persuasion and kidding around about her being a bit scared (don’t go so far as to offend her), you can many times eventually conjure out a yes from her.

Skydiving is going to have the largest risk/reward margin of any of our date ideas. It’s something that very few people even attempt in their lifetime. If you can convince her to do it you can set yourself to be a part of an experience that she’ll never forget which is exactly why it‘s #1 on our list of Incredible Date Ideas to Leave a Lasting Impression.

#2 – Amusement Park – Risk (4) Reward (8)

Amusement Parks are a fairly safe option because there are usually a ton of different ride options, meaning even if she’s terrified of the roller coasters you can still have a very enjoyable time. The biggest downfall of an amusement park is that there aren’t an awful lot of them around, meaning the time it takes to get there could be quite long. Generally speaking, unless you’ve known your date for a little while you don’t want to put her in a one on one situation where she could feel in danger.

Unless you’ve been dating for at least a month or were friends with your date beforehand it would probably be best to stick to something else. It’s probably safe to go to an amusement park if it’s only about 20-30 minutes away but anything after that could prove to be uncomfortable and awkward for her until the two of you know each other well enough.

Amusement Parks are great because it not only ensures a great time on this date but also provides you with plenty to talk about during your next date. Try to challenge her to at least attempt some of the more exhilarating rides, even if she completely attests. Helping her through some of those scary and exhilarating moments can help her build a comfort level with you that’s hard to reach with a lot of other activities.

#3 – Bungee Jumping – Risk (9) Reward (7.5)

Bungee Jumping is obviously very similar to skydiving in that there are quite a few people who refuse to or just simply don’t attempt it in their lifetime due to the extreme perceived danger. So, just as with skydiving, your going to want to inform your date ahead of time about this one. Bungee Jumping is another one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ dates that she’ll be sure to remember for the rest of her life.

Stay tuned for part 2. Be sure to leave your thoughts or any questions in the comments section below.

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