This article is the continuation from Six Incredible Date Ideas to Leave a Lasting Impression (Part One). You can take a look at the previous ideas we covered below.

  1. Skydiving
  2. Amusement Park
  3. Bungee Jumping

#4 – Horseback Riding – Risk (6) Reward (7)

Taking your date horseback riding has a lot of reward upside for many reasons, the first of which being because many women are absolutely in love with horses. Reward also comes from the fact that the ride will most likely take place in a quiet, country area where you will be provided with the perfect environment to get on a much more personable basis with your date.

You might want to do a little investigative work prior to going just to see whether your date has any experience with horses. Most of the time a horseback riding date will work best when both of you have little to no prior horseback experience and have to go through the always cute process of learning something that you have no idea how to even begin to attempt. On the other hand, going on a horseback riding date under the circumstance that she has quite a bit of experience while you have never even seen an actual horse, well…that is probably not going to create the best vibe for you and your date.

Getting the opportunity to ride a horse through a beautiful landscape with your date can be an absolute fantasy date for many women. But in the same way it can be a tremendous opportunity to get to know your date on a personable level, it can also prove to be an incredibly boring date if you do not make an attempt to create satisfying conversation. The fact that you are on horses can sometimes be a barrier to create an initial conversation, but there still needs to be personable conversation. If your nervous, start the conversation by asking her about her past with horses and maybe work your way into asking about pets and other animals. Then, once you get comfortable you can move into a little more sensual conversation about each others’ lives, which is where the real reward of this type of date comes.

#5 – Comedy Show – Risk (4) Reward (6)

Taking your date to a comedy show is probably the least risky of our six date ideas. Making sure your date is laughing and having a good time is essential to a great date, and there is no better way to guarantee this then to take her to see someone who makes their living through doing just that.

Unless your prepared and/or able to dish out the big bucks for some of the legends of comedy, the reward of a comedy show date is probably going to be average at best. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the fact that you won’t have much time to get to know each other. You can sometimes offset this by taking her to a comedy club early and grabbing a couple drinks before the show begins.

The only real risk with taking your date to see a comedian is the fact that many can be vulgar and offensive at times. It’s hard to know what is going to be the breaking point for someone becoming offended, so it may be best to stick with a comedian that you know can create laughs while not going over the edge.

#6 – Paintball – Risk (7) Reward (5)

The risk of taking your date on a paintball trip is fairly obvious. Whether you’re a burly athlete that’s gone through more injuries than you can count on your toes and fingers or you grew up chopping firewood five hours a day, getting hit with a paintball hurts. Because of this pain factor you might want to investigate if your date has a any tough, tomboy attributes in her before attempting this type of date.

A paint ball date can either involve going to a paint ball arena or field or simply finding a good open area to use, depending on whether you already have the equipment for it. You also may want to get a group of friends together to tag along, and can ask her to do the same. Getting each others’ friends together for a group activity like this can be great for the beginning of a relationship because it can show her right away that you know how to have a good time with other people, which is undoubtedly something that she is looking for.

These are just some of the tremendous date ideas that can create a lasting impression for you and your date. Getting her to go on just one of these types of dates a month can be incredibly successful in making happiness and laughter an ongoing part of your relationship. Get out there, be adventurous and fearless, and reap the rewards of the happiness that comes with it!

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