Welcome to South Asian Millionaire’s Club. By taking this step you have decided that you are ready for true commitment. We will do our best in finding your life partner, but in return you will have to answer all the questions that are required, truthfully. By answering these questions your search for a life partner with similar interests and goals will be refined.

Compatibility & Sexual Attraction is important in a relationship. It is common to say “opposites attract”, but how long do they remain attracted? South Asian Millionaire’s Club believes that opposites may attract, but struggle to last. We cannot predict the future but we want to make sure you have a memorable experience when finding your life partner.

Please make sure you upload current pictures of yourself (Do not use pictures of others) There have been incidents that have made media headlines involving users of dating websites using extremely inappropriate images to identify themselves. We cannot stress this enough. Membership will be cancelled without refund as a result of similar actions.

After filling the enrollment form, uploading your pictures and answering all the questions, you will have to choose a membership status.

Important: When paying membership with a credit card, the method used is through Paypal, as this will protect our members private credit card information. The South Asian Millionaire’s Club will not have any credit card information.

Only the members themselves will allow us to release any information about them. This is done when any initial set up is organized with other members (dates).

The most important stage of South Asian Millionaire’s Club is the criminal check that every member must have completed. This must be done before any initial information is shared or any initial set up is organized.

Who are we to judge you?

If your match accepts a small record or agrees with a understandable cause of action, we will not stop in furthering your relationship with them. You both hold the decision to meet each other or not, our main priority is to keep you protected.

Want To Become A Matchmaker?

We are currently looking to expand our matchmaking service. Contact us to learn how you can become a licensed South Asian Millionaire's Club Matchmaker in your area.

Concerns or questions?

Contact our support staff to get any questions you may have about The South Asian Millionaires Club answered.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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